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Faceted Pear Kunzite Diamond Ring
Size 7 / White Gold / 13.19ct Kunzite
New $7,500.00
Our Price $4,500.00


18k White Gold 13.19ct Light Pink Faceted Pear Kunzite and 1.07ct Diamond Ring

Kunzite is the pale pink to violet form of the mineral 'spodumene'. In the case of Kunzite, it is the presence of manganese mineral traces as the crystals form that cause the delightful pink and violet hues. As you turn a Kunzite gemstone in your hand it can flash from pink to violet or dark pink to colorless in some examples. This unusual phenomenon is called pleochroism and only occurs in a small number of gemstones. The light pastel tone of Kunzite embodies its calming abilities and symbolizes its innocence and purity. Its definite feminine appeal and appearance make it a timeless treasure for everyday wear. Interestingly, American President John F Kennedy ordered a ring featuring a 47 carat kunzite gem surrounded by diamonds as a Christmas present for his wife, Jackie. This was the last gift from JFK to Jackie as he died just three weeks later. It was later auctioned for over $400,000 in the Sotheby's auction of Jackie's estate.

Retail Valuation $7,500
Condition: Excellent condition with no significant wear other than minor hairline scratches.
Comes with: jewellery box, gift box, valuation certificate completed by Brisbane Diamond Valuations

Diamond grading...What does colour G/H and clarity SI1 mean?
- In the 1940s, GIA established the “4Cs” and the International Diamond Grading System™ – to this day, the worldwide standard for evaluating diamond quality.
- The four C's are cut, carat, colour and clarity.
- For more info on the 4Cs check out

Resale Price $4,500
Consignor Receives 70% = $3,150

*There may be a slight difference in the tone of colors depending on the resolution of your monitor.
**Do note that there may be a 1-2cm difference in measurements depending on how the item is measured and workmanship

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